Awaken with Radiant Body Yoga

An introductory course to the power and practice of Radiant Body Yoga guided by world-renowned yoga teacher Kia Miller.

Move beyond any limitations. Be strong. Think clearly. Live according to your heart.

This is a 6-hour online course with 20 individual videos including: lectures and yoga classes covering the core practices that make up Radiant Body Yoga. Take the course at your pace, allowing time to integrate the lessons as you go.

As a modern day practitioner, you need a
practice that can deliver in a short period of time. Something impactful, effective, and practical. This is why I created RBY. The practices include a combination of asana, kriya (sequences designed to bring about a certain energetic effect), breath, meditation, mantra, relaxation, and contemplation.

The Awaken with Radiant Body Yoga course outlines and explains all the key practices within a RBY class. The course consists of lectures, core techniques explained, and classes that give you an understanding and direct experience of the power of this methodology.  



  • You are seeking a clear and precise methodology for reaching optimum health, and accessing new levels of creativity and confidence
  • You are interested in creating a daily practice to help you unlock your potential and thrive in life
  • You are inspired to discover the power of breath, kriyas, and meditation
  • You desire to connect with like-minded yogis from around the world



  • Postures (asana) to build both strength and flexibility.
  • Dynamic sequences (kriyas) that move stagnation and transform energy
  • Healing breath practices to purify and create balance
  • Meditation to further refine energy, build focus and awaken intuition
  • Relaxation techniques to release stress and create a deep sense of wellbeing & calm
  • Journaling prompts to help your integration of the experiences.

What binds these practices together into a coherent whole is an understanding of the philosophical approach of the yoga tradition, one that places personal evolution as the center piece of your life.


If you have been looking for a methodology that shares quick and effective techniques to strengthen your body, transform your energy, raise your frequency, and cut through the negative tendency of the mind, look no further!


Awaken with Radiant Body Yoga - Introductory Online Course


Guided by world-renowned yoga teacher Kia Miller

  • Foundational Practices – covering posture, breath, and mantra
  • Introduction to Kriya – sequences designed for accelerated transformation, removing blocks, elevating your state. 
  • Creating a Home Practice – understanding sadhana and its purpose
  • Yogic Perspectives on the Whole Human – body, energy, mind, awareness & bliss
  • A comprehensive course portal with materials laid out in an easy-to-follow format
  • 6 hours of content including lectures, classes, and self-reflection prompts
  • An invitation to the private RBY online community to receive support and inspiration from Kia Miller and fellow yogis on the path!
  • 1 Year Additional Access to this course to go back to again and again 

This course is designed to take at your own pace, slowly making your way through the material so that you absorb the information and put it into practice with the classes. Everyone is welcome!


Radiant Body Yoga is a practice of opening mind and heart to the vibration of TRUTH and resonating from the plate, so all thoughts and actions are in alignment with our Self.