Awareness & Lifestyle: Cultivating Self-Mastery

March 14-21, 2024 | Rishikesh, India

 Join Kia Miller on an immersive 7-day
journey to the birthplace of yoga.

This 60-hour course is for yogis interested in leadership, self-mastery, and skill in action.
It is designed to help you develop effectiveness in every area of life.


The Experience

Sattva Retreat in Rishikesh, India


This immersion is part of the RBY 300-HR Teacher Training. Take it as part of the training or for your own personal development.

You will learn and experience powerful practices coupled with timeless wisdom teachings to increase awareness and step into your next level of mastery. 


Using the Bhagavad Gita as a guide, we will explore the powerful concept of Dharma (your unique path) as it relates to your intentions, decisions, relationships and life. This is one of the central texts of the yoga tradition and is as relevant to these times as the era in which it was written thousands of years ago.


You will also develop and maintain a personal sadhana practice designed for your needs at this moment in your life. This practice can form the cornerstone of an extraordinary life. 


Who is this experience for?

Teachers at all levels will find that this course provides the necessary elements to support their personal and spiritual development and to increase their skill and effectiveness in working with students.

  • Yoga teachers¬†with a dedicated yoga practice
  • Students with a sincere desire to learn & grow
  • Anyone interested in learning how to live yoga
  • Students desiring a 300HR RBY certification

All levels welcome.


Consciously create habits that align with your heart & service in the world.

This 60-hour immersion is designed to help you develop effectiveness in every area of life. It is intended for all levels of yogis interested in leadership, self-mastery and skill in action.

  • Awaken greater awareness through the practice of specific kriyas, pranayama and meditations
  • Refine your natural leadership qualities
  • Increase awareness of Self in relation to inner patterns, habits, relationships and work at large
  • Develop knowledge, skills & perspectives to effectively take your yoga off the mat and into the world
  • Identify your commitments and passions
  • Create a sadhana practice designed to effectively cut through old unconscious momentum and build your presence and capacity to thrive in all areas
  • Apply a newfound awareness to your practice, lifestyle, conscious actions, teaching and ability to positively impact others¬†


7 nights accommodation in a shared double room at Sattva Retreat Center, nestled in a lush valley in the pristine foothills of the Himalayas.


3 sattvic vegetarian meals per day. A cafe is on site as well for those who prefer coffee. Dietary preferences upon request.


Daily sunrise sadhana, workshops, yoga practice, kriyas, breath, mantra, and philosophy sessions.


An opportunity to connect and practice with an international conscious community coming together for a period of enlightened study.


Daily musical accompaniment and mantra with Ananda Das.


Visits to sacred temples, Agni (fire) ceremony, dips in the Ganges, local shopping tips, and more...

Themes of Exploration

Understand habits ‚Äď supportive, promoting and demoting. Consciously create positive habits that align with your heart and service in the world.

Explore the principles of living, loving, leading:

  1. Living with authenticity. Explore your own moral code: beliefs, values and purpose in behavior to self and others
  2. Loving.¬†Identify your commitments and passions. Define or refine your mission statement ‚Äď Where do you want to make a difference
  3. Leading. Refine your natural leadership qualities. Making an impact: off the mat and into the world. Balance between individual responsibility and community

Increase awareness of powerful practices to move through blocks and increase awareness, presence and magnetism. Explore your ability to create an impact through development of personal presence.


This is an invitation to build your awareness and walk your path of destiny as a teacher and leader. Come explore the deeper dimensions of what it means to be a teacher and to serve as torchbearers of light for the rest of the world.

  • 7 nights accommodation in a shared double room at Sattva Retreat Center
  • 3 sattvic vegetarian meals per day including fresh drinking water, afternoom chai (dietary preferences available upon request)
  • Satsang with Anand Mehrotra, resident Hinalayan master and owner of Sattva

You will receive...

  • Educational tuition and support from Kia
  • 7 nights accommodation¬†in a shared double room at Sattva Retreat Center
  • 3 sattvic vegetarian meals per day
  • Daily sunrise sadhana, workshops, yoga practice, kriyas, breath, mantra, and philosophy sessions
  • Daily¬†musical accompaniment¬†and mantra with Ananda Das
  • Visits to sacred temples, Agni¬†(fire)¬†ceremony, dips in the Ganges, local shopping tips, and more...
  • Satsang (wisdom talks) with resident Himalayan master and owner of Sattva, Anand Mehrotra
  • Connection in person to an international Sangha (community) of conscious yogis
  • Ongoing access to a private online portal to stay connected with Kia, mentors, and other students on this journey

Find the right path for you...

Single Payment


was $2,220


Two Payments


two monthly payments (total $1,850)


For inquiries or scholarship opportunities [email protected].

  • Sacred Agni (fire) ceremonies¬†and visits to temples
  • LIVE¬†musical accompaniment from Jaya Lakshmi/Ananda Das
  • daily yoga practices and philosophy sessions
  • Exploration of ancient yogic practices
  • Invitation to participate in a sacred ceremony at Ganges River

‚ÄúEstablish yourself in yoga then take radical action.‚ÄĚ

‚Äď Krishna in Bhagavad Gita


Your Guide

My mission is to educate and inspire, to share techniques and experiences that help you to unlock your hidden potential and thrive in life.

Radiant Body Yoga is a lifestyle dedicated to helping a person serious about self-inquiry and living an extraordinary life. It is a practice of opening mind and heart to the vibration of Truth and resonating from that place so that all thoughts and actions are in alignment with our Self. 

Ananda Das

Musical Guest

Ananda Das is an internationally loved musician, song composer and mantra enthusiast.  His musical offerings complement his yogic practices with a deep devotional spirit.  His music channels a powerful blend of modern and ancient soundscapes that touches the heart.  Infused with mantras in Sanskrit and Gurbani, his music offers blissful energy currents woven into lyrical heart songs.

Kia, your training has made an incredible shift in how I feel life and my approach towards myself. I feel stronger and so much more free - forever grateful.

‚Äď Anke

Frequently Asked Questions

I am thrilled you are interested in joining us for this auspicious journey in the Foothills of the Himalayas. We will dive deeply into Radiant Body Yoga practices geared to develop a whole new level of self mastery: mastery over energy, mind and ultimately how we engage with life.