Free Masterclass with Kia Miller

Embody Your Spiritual Heart

Sunday, August 27, 9am PT

Join Kia for a 1-hour Masterclass introducing a clear methodology toward accessing your pure being.


What does it take to walk free in this life? 

If these questions and others arise through the field of your mind, you are not alone.


What is the cause of my suffering?
How do I access a place of pure BE-ing?
Why do I fall into unconscious patterns?
What am I afraid of?
Will I ever be free?
Despite being thousands of years old, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali offer a direct solution for moving step by step, moment by moment, from a place of confusion and separation into one of embodiment and grace.
There is a way through this time. It takes us coming together to learn and grow, to imagine a world worth living in, to transmute and break the bonds of karma that keep us in the ever repeating known.

During this 1-hour Masterclass you will discover...

  • a breath and guided meditation to connect to your heart wisdom
  • an inspirational talk on yogic philosophy
  • the clarity that comes when you can clearly see a path forward
  • fundamental practices to begin the journey of healing and spiritual unfoldment

There is a way through every challenge and every block. Embody Your Spiritual Heart. Sign up now.

A journey towards wholeness. Discover how to heal your relationship with your mind and heart and step into the extraordinary BE-ing you are.









 ⚠️ A recording will be shared with all who register to attend. You won't miss out! ⚠️