Full Tuition - $1100

Prana & Pranayama

May 6-13, 2023 – Online, Live

This course is for those who desire to unlock their fullest capacities by accessing the enormous power contained within the breath.


Course Details

This 60-hour certification course offers an in-depth look at prana (lifeforce) and pranayama (control of the breath). It is an immersion into the practice and experience of directing, expanding and stabilizing prana through the breath and body.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the practice of pranayama is said to dissolve the veils that cover our inner light.

The breath’s power and gifts cannot be underestimated. It unlocks life force, vitality and healing power. The breath is the link that connects the mind, body and spirit. By directing the flow of breath, so too, can we direct the mind and gain deeper understanding and true freedom in this life.


Course Goals

  • To deepen your practice of pranayama
  • Explore the science of Prana Vidya
  • Identify and understand the correct application of pranayama, including working with bhandas, mudras and mantra
  • Experience a variety of different practices and their aims
  • Build a ‘tool-box’ of pranayama techniques
  • Understand the systematic application of pranayama to dissolve old patterns and reveal our inner light
  • Apply these principles of prana and pranayama in our own practice and teaching



These 60-hour modules are open to all yoga students who are interested in further study even if they don’t intend to complete a 300-hr certification. 

Our Advanced Training modules can be adapted to your needs and time frame. Take them to simply deepen your practice, or as Continuing Education Credits or work towards your 300-hr certificate as intensely or as gradually (up to 3 years) as it suits your schedule and skills.

Those seeking a 300-hr Yoga Alliance registered certification must have a 200-hour certificate with RBY or any other registered school and are required to take all 5 modules. There is no time limit. Once all modules are completed you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level.



$900 – Early Bird ends March 1, 2023

$1100 – Full Tuition (cart closes April 22, 2023)


*All payments are final. No refunds except in case of medical emergency. Payment plans are available by special request, but payment must be received in full before the program starts.


What People Are Saying About Radiant Body Yoga:

I signed up to Kia’s training because I wanted to learn from a teacher that will equip me to teach in these modern times. Kia’s understanding and passion for yoga coupled with an extensive and well structured course has changed my life and elevated me to new heights. It has been and will continue to be the most prolific turning point in my life. I respect Kia for her ability to raise her student’s consciousness bringing Light to the darkness and returning us to the Radiant Souls we are.


Kia’s style of teaching led me to my edge and encouraged me to stay there. Her philosophical, spiritual knowledge was the unexpected gem for me during the training. I’m 41 years old and Kia has set me on a life-changing path of rejuvenation of my body and spirit which I hope I can turn into inspiration for others.

Teresa D.

Not only does Kia have a deep knowledge base of Yoga, she truly was an inspiring teacher! I feel so fortunate to have experienced this training with her as our mentor and guide on this journey!