Online Introductory Course - $108

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Awaken with Radiant Body Yoga

Join world-renowed yoga teacher Kia Miller as she guides you through an introductory course to the powerful pathway of Radiant Body Yoga.

If you have been looking for a methodology that shares quick and effective techniques to strengthen your body, transform your energy, raise your frequency, and cut through the negative tendency of the mind, look no further!

Move beyond any limitations. Be strong. Think clearly. Live according to your heart.

This is an online introductory course guided by world-renowned yoga teacher Kia Miller.

You will receive:

  • Foundational Practices – covering posture, breath, and mantra
  • Introduction to Kriya – sequences designed for accelerated transformation, removing blocks, elevating your state
  • Creating a Home Practice – understanding sadhana and its purpose
  • Yogic Perspectives on the Whole Human – body, energy, mind, awareness & bliss
  • A comprehensive course portal with materials laid out in an easy-to-follow format
  • High quality pre-recorded video content including lectures, classes, and self-reflection prompts
  • An invitation to the private RBY online community to receive support and inspiration from Kia Miller and fellow yogis on the path!


What People Are Saying:

The practices you carefully curated is helping me to navigate with more easy in this turbulent times we are experiencing.


A lot of the general things you said were loving affirmations of my own life experience, but your knowledge of yoga and the way you instruct, plus your dedication & devotion was so inspiring, I feel so fortunate to have been able to learn from you.


This was the best decision of mine to participate. You speak to my heart, you say exactly what I need to know. Feeling so blessed.

Anna Lisa T.