Feeling tired? Anxious? Disconnected?


Join Kia Miller for a 7-Day Radiant Body Retreat in the comfort of your own home! 


In this time of social distancing and uncertainty, we need to come together to practice, to feel the power of our collective intention to heal, to awaken love, and open to new possibilities. This is where our true power lies!


Put aside a couple of hours a day to practice powerful kiryas, breath, and guided meditations to help release negativity, fear and doubt. Enjoy practices that promote healing, build vitality and raise your frequency.


The Radiant Body Home Retreat

The purpose of this journey is to empower you to move beyond negativity, fear and doubt. You will be immersed in a series of daily practices that promote healing, build vitality and raise your frequency!











14 Live Zoom Classes with Kia -
each class builds on the energy of the previous

7 Live Q&A Sessions - an opportunity to learn and grow

Live Support from Kia Miller and the Radiant Body community through the entire course

Opportunities to go deeper with journaling prompts and self-reflection exercises - 14 in total

7 Printable Memory Cards for key practices - each can be downloaded as needed to support you in this journey

A powerful follow-up practice to do for an additional 40 days

2 Additional Weeks of Access to the course so you can go back and repeat each class

Daily live practice on Zoom with Kia at 9:30AM and 4PM PST! 

For those who are unable to tune in live, watch the replays anytime in our retreat portal.

There are two purchase options for this retreat: a suggested investment and a sliding scale for anyone in need. All are welcome. No one is turned away. BIPOC ally.



(suggested energetic investment)

  • For anyone who is able to make a full commitment.
  • Receive the full course, materials, live support from Kia, and community support as listed above.
Yes, I'm ready to begin!


Pay What You Can

(sliding scale investment)

  • For anyone in need or who has been economically impacted in recent times.
  • Receive the full course, materials, live support from Kia, and community support as listed above.



Kia Miller grew up in the Falkland Islands, riding horses over vast acres of wild land. Moving to England at 15, she soon joyfully discovered yoga and has been studying with world-renowned teachers in India, Europe and the US ever since.

Kia’s mission in life is to inspire, elevate and educate as many people as possible, to encourage all to live to their fullest, most creative and most joyful potential!

She is based in Santa Monica, California. You can follow her on Instagram at @kiamilleryoga.



This retreat is an opportunity to move through blocks and transform your experience of life. The practices are specially curated to help you unlock energy, access a deeper space of presence and revision your life from that place. If you are looking for a perspective shift, to release negativity, to renew to open to the presence of love within and all around - then this is for you.


Even just one of these classes has the potential to turn your life around!

See what others have been saying:


So many tears of grief and gratitude seem to be coming up and out through my toes. I am shifting and it is glorious. 

Courtney R.
Radiant Body Retreat Student


This mini retreat just gets better and better! I am so relaxed tonight and so calm with a sense I will be OK. This is HUGE!

Tracy N.
Radiant Body Retreat Student



I’m counting the days until I can get to another of Kia's retreats. Thank you again for what has become a touchstone moment in my life.

Nancy H.
Radiant Body Retreat Student

Yes, I am ready to attune to a new frequency!

I can't wait to see you all there! 


Kia Miller
Radiant Body Yoga