October 1 to December 29, 2024 (Online)

Take our foundational Yoga Alliance Certified 200-HR and explore a comprehensive curriculum of asana, kriya, pranayama, mantra, meditation, mudra, and yoga nidra. Acquire tools to deepen and expand your practice, develop your skill, voice, and confidence as a teacher, and create a sustainable yoga business. 


Why Radiant Body Yoga

As modern practitioners we need a practice that can help us cut through the intensity of these times, raise our energy, elevate our consciousness, and connect us to our inner intelligence and joy.

The RBY curriculum equips you to do just this!

  • Learn to teach with the technical precision of Ashtanga and Iyengar and the subtle dimensions of Kundalini
  • Learn intelligence, safe vinyasa sequencing, the science and practice of kriya, essential and powerful pranayama techniques, the power of mantra, yogic anatomy, philosophy, meditation and so much more
  • Learn how to curate and teach effective transformational and healing yoga practices
  • Learn how to develop your yogic business
  • Discover the capacity of a personal sadhana to help you mature and refine a clear authentic self
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Discover the Master Teacher within you.

About The Training 

In addition to an online teacher training, an in-person immersion will be offered as an opportunity to uplevel your practice. Take one or both!


200-HR Teacher Training

October 1 to December 29 (Online)

A world-class training with an internationally-renowned teacher delivered in the comfort of your home! Receive pre-recorded videos, live classes, lectures, and support sessions delivered to you in a comprehensive student portal.


200-HR Hybrid with Immersion in Mexico

December 15 to 21 (Todos Santos, Baja)

In this weeklong immersion you will receive expert guidance on alignment, adjustments, sequencing, breath, meditation, sadhana, practice teachings sessions, subtle body, and so much more!

*Attending the immersion is not required to receive certification.

Learn about the 200-HR Immersion in Mexico

The Experience 


Become immersed in the richness of the Radiant Body Yoga teachings.

Create a morning sadhana, refine your asana practice, discover the full power of kriya, purify your energy and mind through pranayama, transform yourself through meditation, cultivate a deep understanding of yogic philosophy, learn how to apply the teachings to your own life. 

Live Sessions

5 weekends of LIVE zoom sessions with Kia including yoga classes, workshops, philosophy, practice teach, and Q&A.

Student Portal

An online teacher training portal with recorded videos to watch at your leisure and go back to over and again.

Guest Teachers

Additional teachings on trauma-based practices and inclusivity with Nikki Myers & Yoga for Recovery with Tommy Rosen.

RBY Mentors

Support and practice teaching sessions from RBY Certified Trainers in small groups.


An invitation to be part of a private online community portal to foster friendships with fellow participants from all over the world!

Ongoing Access

2 years ongoing access to the teacher training portal so you can revisit material again at your pace.


This training shares the potent practices within yoga that swiftly work to dissolve blocks, expand awareness, and develop a clear intuitive mind.

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Who is this training for?

This training is for you if...

  • You are interested in the Radiant Body Yoga integrated approach which includes Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Kriya, Pranayama, Mantra, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation.
  • You have been feeling the urge to take your practice, knowledge, and experience to the next level
  • You desire to immerse yourself in the rich transformative study of yoga
  • You want to teach a holistic, effective, and approachable system of yoga
  • You desire to be a powerful and authentic teacher backed by lineage, wisdom, and experience
  • You are seeking a 200-HR Yoga Alliance Certificate
  • You are already a certified teacher but wish to incorporate the RBY practices into your classes


Module 1 – The Foundation of Yoga

The first 100-hour module teaches students the fundamental philosophies and practices of yoga.

Students will systematically break down the asana practice to its basic elements, exploring western anatomy of the body, creative sequencing, and how to prevent and manage injury. Specific pranayama and meditation practices will be introduced along with an understanding of the Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga. Emphasis is on learning key teaching skills and techniques, and developing a Sadhana – a personal practice.

  • Exploration of asana, optimal alignment, use of props, risks and benefits
  • Western Anatomy – functional anatomy as it relates to yoga practice
  • Creating yoga sequences from beginners to advanced
  • Hands on adjustments
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Yogic history, philosophy and the 8 limbs of yoga
  • Introduction to pranayama and meditation
  • Sanskrit pronunciation

Module 2 – The Subtle Body

The second 100-hour module teaches students the fundamental philosophies and subtle energy practices of yoga.

Learn how to access and balance your creative source energy and methods to attain an elevated state of awareness. Course includes an in-depth study of the subtle body, kriyas, bhandas, mantra, philosophy and meditation. Explore practices and se-quencing from an energetic perspective and further develop your skills and voice as a teacher.

  • Chakras, koshas, prana vayus and nadis
  • Bhandas and Kundalini Shakti
  • Philosophy – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Pranayama – Creating balance through the breath
  • Mantra – The power and science of chanting
  • Kriya and Energy sequencing principles – Generate/ Organize/ Deliver
  • Meditation – Functions of the mind and meditation practice
  • Ayurveda – The science of optimum health
  • Different types of Yoga – Restorative



This teacher training opened me up to a greater level of awareness, allowed me to refine my practice, step more into my devotion to self-evolution and expand in grace and wisdom of ancient yogic traditions. I have fallen in love with Mantra as well, and am now doing 40-day sadhanas with chanting each morning. Taking this training feels like it changes me on a cellular level.

–Jessica M.

"Kia led with such a quiet grace at all times. She allowed us all to be where we were at all times and encouraged us to reach deeper and see the light within each of us individually. The way she taught the lessons - on video and in person - was always clear and thought provoking. I truly am so blown away!

–Jan A.


This 200-HR training was the best money I have ever spent! I tell people all the time that doing yoga teacher training and THIS specific training with Kia was the best therapy I have ever done. As someone who had struggled with stress, anxiety, and unresolved emotions for years, this training enlightened me to knowledge and tools of how to start to understand and work with this incredibly intelligent mind-body-breath system. Discovering Kia, doing her classes on Glo for years, then taking this training put me on a path towards healing that has transformed me into a happier, healthier, and more confident version of myself than I could have imagined. If this speaks to you, take this training. It is the next right action and best investment you will ever make.


A lot of the general things you said were loving affirmations of my own life experience, but your knowledge of yoga and the way you instruct, plus your dedication & devotion was so inspiring, I feel so fortunate to have been able to learn from you.


A message from Kia Miller

Founder of Radiant Body Yoga


This teacher training is the culmination of 30 years of study, thousands of hours of training, tens of thousands of hours of practice. It has been honed over the last 10 years to provide the most effective, cutting edge, transformational curriculum available. We are committed to supporting you on this journey of personal transformation and developing your capacities as a teacher and torchbearer of light.

My commitment to you:

I teach you how to use the yogic practices to awaken the unbounded, creative energy within. I help you create positive life rituals that support you in meeting the challenges of work, relationships, and family, with courage and grace. I empower you to go beyond your conditioned mind and experience the magnificence of pure being.

The practices of yoga span back thousands of years, with a tried and tested methodology which when implemented in the correct way brings about dramatic change inside and out.

The Radiant Body Yoga teachings draw from this ancient tradition of Truth Seekers, the wisdom of my teachers, and my own direct experiences of awakening. I offer clear and precise practices delivered in approachable ways with scientific and peer-informed data reflecting much of the efficacy of the techniques.

Guest Teachers

Nikki Myers

Guest Teacher

Nikki Myers is a yoga therapist, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, and certified Addictions Recovery Specialist. She is a cofounder of the Yoga, Meditation & Recovery Conference. Nikki’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, Black Enterprise and Huffington Post. 

Tommy Rosen

Guest Teacher

Tommy Rosen, a vinyasa flow and Kundalini Yoga teacher, is a leading authority on addiction and recovery, with over 30 years of experience helping people overcome addictions of every kind. He is the founder of Recovery 2.0 and the host of the acclaimed In The Circle Podcast.

Jaya Lakshmi

Musical Guest

Jaya Lakshmi is known for her authentic and deep devotional spirit as well as playing an important part in establishing kirtan and mantra music in the west. She is the creator of Kirtronica, electronica music with mantra designed for ecstatic dance. 


Two distinct paths are available to embark on the training of a lifetime. Whether you resonate with the online training alone, or with the immersive, in-person experience, the RBY 200-HR Teacher Training stands ready to empower you to embrace your leadership role as both a guide and teacher.


Choose the path for you:

(two options)

Path 1

200-HR with Immersion

In this one-of-a-kind special offer you will embark on the RBY 200-HR Teacher Training bundled with an in-person immersion with Kia in beautiful Baja, Mexico.
  • The 200-HR Teacher Training online experience (a $2,850 value)
  • 7 days accommodation of your choice at Yandara Yoga Retreat immersed in the peaceful surroundings of Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico
  • Daily sunrise sadhana, yoga practices, and philosophy classes with Kia
  • Immersive afternoon workshop sessions *
  • 3 delicious meals per day, locally-sourced vegetarian with vegan, fish & egg options
  • Hands-on guidance on alignment, sequencing, breath & practice teachings sessions 
  • An opportunity to connect and practice live in conscious community 
  • Musical accompaniment by kirtan and devotional artist Jaya Lakshmi
  • Ground transportation the from/to the airport
  • Access to luxurious amenities including a beachfront yoga pavilion, pool, hammocks for relaxing, guided hikes, and more!

*applicable to 200-HR certification

Early bird ends July 31st. Full tuition is $3,300.

200HR TT + IMMERSION (FROM $4,250)

Path 2


A world-class online Teacher Training with full virtual support & attention to help you develop your core knowledge and teaching skills.
  • A comprehensive student portal with pre-recorded videos, live session recordings, a training manual, supplemental exercises, readings, and more...
  • 5 weekends of LIVE interactive sessions with Kia including yoga classes, workshops, philosophy sessions, practice teaching, and Q&A hosted on Zoom 
  • Inclusivity and trauma-based practices with yoga teacher and speaker, Nikki Myers
  • Teachings on yoga for recovery with founder of Recovery 2.0, Tommy Rosen 
  • Support sessions from Kia & RBY Certified Trainers
  • Sangha – an invitation to be part of a private online community portal to foster friendships with fellow participants from all over the world
  • 2 years ongoing access to the teacher training portal so you can revisit material again at your pace.



The In-Person Immersion

Yandara, Todos Santos, Mexico
Learn more about the In-Person Immersion

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