Guided by renowned yoga instructor Kia Miller!


4-Day Home Retreat to Create Balance & Reclaim Inner Peace


September 23-26, 2021

If the intensity of these times has you frequently ‘tapping out’ it could be time for a reset.

Consciousness is contagious and currently we are still being strongly influenced by a collective fear, anxiety and polarized views, which lead to a stress response in our body which in turn influences the way we think and feel.


We may find ourselves continuously running negative thought patterns, feeling anxious, overwhelmed, angry, hopeless or unable to access inspiration.  


To unhook from this negative cycle we have to find our center, reboot our energy, raise our frequency and reclaim our inner sanctum of peace.

I have created a 4-Day Home Retreat as a way to come together as a community, lift ourselves and each other up, recalibrate to a frequency of love, possibility and new energy.

Live Sessions

Two live Zoom classes per day, 60-minutes each, guided by Kia Miller.


A Time for Healing

Powerful practices integrating Movement, Breathwork, Yoga Nidra & Meditation

Practice Anytime

Classes will be recorded and available to practice again for a BONUS week! 

Let’s come together, to create inner balance, heal and fortify ourselves.


We will use Kriyas to move through:

  • Stuck energy to raise our frequency
  • Mantra & meditation to harmonize the mind
  • Yoga Nidra to plant positive seeds 
  • Healing breath sequences to create balance & rejuvenation
  • ...and many more breakthroughs at an individual level!


Suggested energetic exchange.

This allows for the Radiant Body Yoga team to continue growing and creating offerings for the collective.


If you need this reset but are experiencing economic challenges, please join us and pay what you can. All are welcome.  

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