Advanced Immersion with Kia Miller

Sri Sadhana Retreat

February 28 - March 9 |  Khajuraho, India

Embark on a 10-day yoga sadhana immersion for advanced practitioners

OCTOBER 18 - 24, 2023


This 10-day sadhana immersion is for advanced students interested in a deeper study of the tradition of the Himalayan Masters. 

Come together in a spiritually potent environment to build healing life force, nurture inner connection & awaken intuitive insight.

Embark on a Journey to India

The campus was designed for immersive experiences.
The Sri Vidya shrine holds the energy of the 64 Yoginis, a potent healing space that serves to nurture awakening within you.

Opportunities to come together with a shared intention to nurture the force of healing for self and others are critical. The experience, done in a sacred place under the guidance of the living tradition of the Himalayas, is very special.

The Journey

Many of you have been practicing yoga and meditation for years and are yearning for an opportunity to go to the next level.

 You will experience:

  • Personal meditation time within the shrine, developing your inner connection
  • Kriya practices to cleanse & purify your energy¬†
  • An opportunity to visit the ancient Khajuraho temple complex built over 1100 years ago
  • Study of the Vedic mantras of Sri Sukta, a cluster of 16 mantras dedicated to the Divine Mother

These awakened mantras empower us to pull the forces of abundance and nurturance toward ourselves so we can experience life’s fullness.

Journey to Khajuraho

Come discover how it feels to practice in an environment that innately exudes the energy to nurture your soul.

Who is this immersion for?

The time is ripe to step into the footsteps of the masters of the Himalayan Tradition, to transcend current limitations and paradigms and embody the deeper seat of consciousness.  

  • you have been yearning for deep sadhana time, to sit with your Self
  • you have an interest in Tantra and studying one the of the key¬†Sri Sukta¬†texts
  • you want to initiate a new level of inspiration and joy in your life


This intimate retreat is for 35 advanced practitioners. It is available only to students who have attended one or more of the RBY retreats or training modules.









All offers include:

Educational tuition, support from Kia and guest teachers, immersion accommodation, 3 fresh vegetarian meals per day, ongoing connection in the Radiant Body Yoga sangha.

Single Room


(Full Tuition = $3,690)

 Includes retreat, private room, and meals.
Limited spaces! ($200 OFF)

Double Room


(Full Tuition = $3,125)

 Includes retreat, shared room, and meals.
Early Bird ‚Äď $200 OFF!

Triple Room


(Full Tuition = $2,895) 

 Includes retreat, shared room, and meals.
Early Bird ‚Äst$200 OFF!

Shared Suite


(Full Tuition = $3,125)

 Includes retreat, shared suite for four, and meals.
Early Bird ‚Äst$200 OFF!
A note from Kia:

"This is a gorgeous 40-acre property with space to roam, beautiful farmland all around, many hang spaces, kitchens to share, shrine, practice space and shade trees. I have personally stayed in a triple while attending an event in Khajuraho and loved it."

The Shrine

Sri Vidya, Khajuraho

For many yoga practitioners the opportunity to travel to a sacred site in India, known to be charged with the energy of generations of practice, is high on their bucket list. 

The Sri Vidya Shrine in Khajuraho resonates with potent healing energy, the gift of love and inner peace offered by masters of Himalayan tradition. 

Khajuraho is one of India’s biggest tourist attractions, with a temple complex considered to be the tip of human achievement between the 5th and 1000 century.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions? Contact [email protected]. All are welcome.