The Sutra Series

with Kia Miller

September 23 through November 12, 2023

Join Kia Miller on a 7-week exploration into the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

This LIVE online guided experience offers an opportunity for deep study supported by interactive sessions, pre-recorded videos, kriya, breath & meditation practices.


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is one of the most important texts in the yoga tradition. Offering insight into the nature of our mind and a pathway to self-mastery.

This precious teaching is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. Our mind, caught in patterns of stress, overwhelm and negativity can seem like our worst enemy, yet when we systematically embrace the techniques and teachings of the Yoga Sutras, we can rewire our mind, elevate our experience of life, and reclaim our innate power and luminosity.

“Master your mind, master your life.”

I created this course to invite anyone interested in yogic philosophy into an understanding of these essential teachings.

–Kia Miller, Radiant Body Yoga



The yoga sutras are like codes that when unlocked reveal the essential truth of who we are, how we can overcome any obstacle in our life and thrive on all levels.

Within the sutras are practical techniques to bring into our everyday life to help us walk in the right relationship with ourselves, our loved ones, and the earth.

It is one thing to read the Yoga Sutras, and yet another to implement the practices and discover the extraordinary potential within. 


7 two-hour interactive philosophy sessions hosted on Zoom to discuss how these Truths are revealed in our own lives


4 yoga practice sessions (kriya, breath & meditation) to practically apply what you are learning. These sessions offer a systematic approach to meditation that will serve you for the rest of your life


14 re-recorded overview videos giving context to each grouping of yoga sutras, these videos help you to decipher the deeper meaning within many of the sutras.


An interactive private virtual portal to support the power of sangha (conscious community) coming together for a period of enlightened study


Keep up your journey with a 40-Day sadhana including daily practice


Continued access for 365 days following the completion of our time together so you can revisit the material at your own leisure.

Our mind holds the key to heal our greatest suffering and to enable us to experience and know true peace and contentment. This course outlines how to protect your mind from doubt, fear, anger, confusion, and self-incrimination.

Practice of what you learn is key, therefore every week you will be taken a little deeper in your inner exploration through yogic practices and self-reflection exercises. Our focus is the first two chapters that offer the most practical wisdom that sets us on the path to true freedom and fulfillment.



  • You are new to yogic philosophy or simply want to deepen your current understanding
  • Yoga teachers wishing another lens into the sutras with supporting practices
  • Anyone seeking practical tools to take into everyday life to improve one’s relationship with self, loved ones and the world at large


Your Guide

My mission is to educate and inspire, to share techniques and experiences that help you to unlock your hidden potential and thrive in life.

Radiant Body Yoga is a lifestyle dedicated to helping a person serious about self-inquiry and living an extraordinary life. It is a practice of opening mind and heart to the vibration of Truth and resonating from that place so that all thoughts and actions are in alignment with our Self. 

Thank you for sharing your truth and your teachings. I am inspired always by your encouraging and wise words to seek, explore and discover my own true self.

– Miriam

Kia, your training has made an incredible shift in how I feel life and my approach towards myself. I feel stronger and so much more free - forever grateful.

– Anke

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two payments of $277.50

The Sutra Series full price is $850 however we are offering it at a highly accessible price if you sign up early! This price ends August 14th.

You will receive...

  • 7 LIVE philosophy sessions with Kia 
  • 4 LIVE yoga practice sessions to apply what you learn
  • 14 pre-recorded videos to decipher the deeper meaning within many of the sutras
  • recordings of all sessions to review at your leisure  
  • 40-day sadhana to keep up your practice 
  • Access to a private community to stay connected with Kia and conscious community 
  • Access for one year to revisit the course at any time

Contact [email protected] for additional support.

Do not wait for anyone else to solve the riddle of your life, and to relieve you of your problems.

Start today by embracing a systematic path of practices that dissolve the veils that cover your inner light. Take back your power and resolve to be here now and to be free now!