The Radiant Body Cleanse with Kia Miller 

A detox journey toward renewed energy, vitality, and radiance.

Unlock 14 days to a new you!

A 14-Day Journey Toward Enhanced Health & Clarity

This cleanse is designed to support your natural ability to heal and to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. It focuses on cleansing, detoxification and re-mineralization through diet and yoga.


A Cleanse For All Levels 

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in the rejuvenating benefits that a plant based diet, yoga and Kundalini practices can bring. Whether you are new to cleansing or are a seasoned practitioner, this course offers accessible information to guide you on this journey.


The Course

The content of this course is delivered to you via a comprehensive course portal complete with digital downloads for memory guides. You will be supported with community Q&A sessions with Kia Miller through the course.

This program has 3 phases: preparation, rejuvenation and integration, and includes recipes for each stage of the journey.


This cleanse is for anyone who wants to step their health up to another level.



Harness the energy of the community collective through the 14-day detox and beyond. This experience incudes:

  • Q&A sessions with Kia Miller in the RBY Community on how to best move through detox symptoms, increase vitality/energy, boost immunity, and upgrade your whole life and vision.
  • 2 breath-based practices guided by Kia
  • A recipe book filled with cleansing and rejuvenating plant-based soups, smoothies & juices 
  • Journaling and self-reflection prompts
  • 33 instructional videos complete with comprehensive video lectures +  digital downloads for quick reference
  • Access to a comprehensive portal to keep you on track during your cleanse
  • BONUS! Exclusive access to the private RBY Community to stay in touch with Kia and other students! 

What people are saying about the Radiant Body Cleanse

The fast changed a few things in my life. I do not drink coffee anymore and just cook vegetarian meals at home. My whole family loves it and feels better!

~Andrea G.

I felt so empowered upon completion - like I could do ANYTHING! The satisfaction of accomplishment along with the feeling of clarity the last few days made the first few days of detox symptoms well worth it.


The juices were great, they tasted good and they kept my energy levels up. The class showed me the importance of giving the belly a rest, so it can do its job of creating the fire for life!