High Frequency Living

I have been having conversations with many friends lately. We have been sharing our reflections of these current times, the pain of seeing the division between many of us human beings getting wider, the challenges associated with the ongoing pandemic, the continued relevance of the Black Lives Matter movement and our hopes for the future.

I recognize that there is a conflict between people, many of whom actually share the same values and care for the world and each other. The polarization of ideas and beliefs strengthens our idea of separation, this is turn brings isolation, anger, fear, etc.

I know in my heart that the solution lies in all of us learning to transmute/transcend our own pain and suffering and supporting those around us to do the same. It lies in practices that can lift our frequency and establish a heart connection, so that the confusion and unconsciousness that drive the momentum of our lives can be paused long enough for us to remember who we are, and what really matters to us.

Learning how to create and maintain a high frequency is the key to healing division and divisiveness. When our frequency is low, we are susceptible to being influenced by our own fear and negativity and by other people’s opinions. Frequency is positively or negatively influenced by our emotional state. It’s a good idea to reflect on which emotion is fueling our life, as this underlying, often unconscious emotional state is a major factor in influencing our experience of life. If you are persistently in fear, angry, or feel victimized, you keep drawing circumstances into your life that reinforce that feeling and then you remain in that frequency.

Creating, and sustaining a high frequency opens the doorway to a new life, to radical healing, new possibilities, and expanding your awareness beyond your own struggles so that you are cognizant of the whole, not just the part that directly affects you.

We create a frequency shift by working with kriya and breath, by tuning into higher emotions like appreciation, gratitude and love. Imagine you get on your mat with low energy and a feeling of despondency. You move your body dynamically, breathe in specific patterns, push past your resistance until a space opens up in you. Your energy rises and mind clears. What was bothering you is not relevant anymore. You feel free. Now you hang out in this state of freedom, joy rises, you feel into your experience and start to memorize this state. The longer you can hold your attention is this space of freedom, of openness, of love, the more stable it becomes until this new state stays with you through most of the day. This new state attracts different circumstances into your life. Now you are in the flow, in the zone and magic is happening.

Couple this state change with awareness of how your mind works and you have another tool to help you maintain a higher frequency. Learning to witness your mental/emotional triggers and, watching your reactions/responses to life allows you to consciously choose where to place your attention. It helps you stay in contact with your heart and truth.

In order to sustain an elevation of frequency, consistency is required. We do this every day until the old state of despondency, confusion, anger or hopelessness is like a distant memory. Sure, at the beginning there are fluctuations, we gain ground, we lose some, we gain it again. This is why we call it a practice. It’s taken years to create the state you inhabit now, it takes time to change it and train the mind to focus on the positive, on the opportunities within challenges.

Established in practice we become an instrument for peace, we become a living embodiment of loving awareness. Sure, we can still be triggered, we can still lose ground from time to time, but our rebound time is less, we catch ourselves when we fall out of balance sooner, we learn from each reaction and improve.

If you want to be an influencer for peace, then do your inner work. Practice radical self-honesty, dedicate yourself to self-reflection and self-correction. Recognize what it takes to lift yourself out of low frequency living and division. Raise your frequency. Start to focus on solutions that increase connection, love, unity and hope. This is the Hero’s journey, and now more than ever we need to be our own hero so that we can begin to serve others from our hearts.


I’ve been loving everything pineapple since being in Costa Rica. I know it is winter where many of you are but if you feel like closing your eyes and tasting the tropics, try this recipe!

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 medium ripe avocado, peeled & pitted
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 2 cups frozen pineapple chunks.

Blend until smooth.


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