High Frequency Living

I have been having conversations with many friends lately. We have been sharing our reflections of these current times, the pain of seeing the division between many of us human beings getting wider, the challenges associated with the ongoing pandemic, the continued relevance of the Black Lives Matter movement and our hopes for the future.

I recognize that there is a conflict between people, many of whom actually share the same values and care for the world and each other. The polarization of ideas and beliefs strengthens our idea of separation, this is turn brings isolation, anger, fear, etc.

I know in my heart that the solution lies in all of us learning to transmute/transcend our own pain and suffering and supporting those around us to do the same. It lies in practices that can lift our frequency and establish a heart connection, so that the confusion and unconsciousness that drive the momentum of our lives can be paused long enough for us to remember who we are, and what really...

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