Will You Be a Victim or a Creator?

I have just completed a personal week-long meditation retreat. I do this a couple of times a year. A whole week of kriya, breath and meditation. Not teaching, just exploring who I am, what brings me joy, what behaviors I am wanting to outgrow and who I am expanding into. I pour all of myself into these retreats and recharge from the inside out.

This was particularly poignant given that these times can feel so stressful and isolating.

My inner focus was how to stop energy from being hijacked by fear and polarization and instead invest it in the solution: to walk through life with my eyes and heart open! Cultivating the capacity to see clearly and respond to life with connection and love.

I learned long ago that when you take time for inner practice, insight and joy arise, the source of who you are gets time to express itself, unencumbered by personality, by the pain you have experienced, or the masks you wear.

Essential ingredients are: a practice of self reflection and self...

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Evolution Through Yoga Practice

What are we seeking from our practice? Is it peace, connection, grounding, a feeling of belonging, a way out of pain and suffering, an orientation toward the sacred, a methodology to pierce through the veils of misperception? There are so many approaches. All are valid, and in my experience, what we seek can change over time.

What keeps us coming back is our direct experience of, or glimpses of that which we are seeking. We take one committed, wholehearted step toward our goal and that which we are seeking comes toward us. My teacher said to me “the Divine connection you seek and meditate upon is always meditating upon you.” To experience that I had to change my orientation to what I was doing. I needed to recognize that the deeper teaching for me was to slightly shift the way I was interacting with my inner being. If the Divine is within me, then how to truly orient toward it? This set me on an accelerated path of discovery because any preconceived notion of what I...

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Releasing Anger

Anger expressed in a non harmful way can be cathartic or positively fuel forward momentum.

Anger expressed harmfully leads to guilt and shame which perpetuates the causes of anger.

Anger unexpressed is the slow poison that eats one from the inside.

If we dig deeply enough there is anger and resentment at the core of many of our struggles.

One of the deeper sources of anger or rage is when our boundaries have been transgressed. We hold resentment toward the perpetrator for overstepping, and toward ourselves for not holding the boundary. We build stories around our anger to justify it. We vilify those who are perceived as antagonists.

As long as we point the finger outward we are missing the greater opportunity of self healing.

It’s tough when you are dealing with anger as you have to be willing to feel it, to for example dump all the yucky judgements and rage filled thoughts onto a paper, and keep going until you get to the core wound.

Now you work on self forgiveness and over...

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